Zero To Telehealth: How to Launch Your Telehealth Practice in 4 Weeks or Less by Dr. Juan Michelle Martin

Zero To Telehealth: How to Launch Your Telehealth Practice in 4 Weeks or Less

Launches on August 22nd, 2019

What's included?


11.4 MB
Module 1
Zero to telehealth intro.pdf
3.8 MB
Module 2
State Occupational and telehealth Laws and Regulations.pdf
1.1 MB
Supplemental Information- Zero to Telehealth.pdf
11.4 MB
Module 3
Chatting Telehealth with Dr. Amy Crumbley.mp4
44 mins
Module 4
Interview with Asha on Therex Portal.mp4
43 mins


Sample sessions.  
Interviews regarding telehealth platforms (walkthroughs).
Action steps for you to move forward and get started!


Juan's Telehealth Course has definitely opened doors  an literally put me in homes I did not have access to. Her course takes you step by step and assists you to develop a comprehensive telehealth practice.  I have definitely gained confidence in treating my clients online with her assistance.  This program is valuable asset to my practice as a Physiotherapist!

Dr. Kitiboni Rolle-Adderley
I've been able to come out of my comfort zone and I have been reassured that this is a viable option for seeing my clients. This program has laid to rest the fears and doubts that I have had regarding telehealth and I feel like this is an opportunity for me to be able to reclaim more time with my family. 
Dr. Leticia Formiguinha Jacquet

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