The Pelvic Perspective: Pregnancy and Post-partum For The Birthing Professional by Dr. Juan Michelle Martin

The Pelvic Perspective: Pregnancy and Post-partum For The Birthing Professional

Help more moms! Stop struggling to educate clients, identify issues and know when and why to refer! Be a leader in your community and grow your clientele!

What's included?

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First Things First!!!!!
Course Introduction
4 mins
About Your Instructor- Dr. Juan Michelle Martin
5 mins
Module 1: The Anatomy of The Pelvic Floor
28 mins
Module 2: The Function of the Pelvic Floor
14 mins
Module 3- The Childbirth Process (An Overview)
43 mins
Module 4- More Considerations for Birth (Arrest of Labor and Shoulder Dystocia)
12 mins
Module 5- Orthopedic Considerations
44 mins
Module 6- Bracing
12 mins
Bracing Examples
5 mins
Module 7- The 4th trimester
13 mins
Module 7- Assessing diastasis recti
7 mins
Module 7- Pelvic Organ Prolapse
11 mins
Module 7- Breathing and Postural Considerations
10 mins
Module 7: Posture and Breathing Demo
20 mins
Module 7- Sample Post-Partum Exercises.pptx
565 KB
Module 7-Incontinence
14 mins
Module 7- cesarean birth
13 mins
Cesarean scar management e-book.pdf
376 KB
Module 7- To Kegel or Not to Kegel
11 mins
Module 7: Taping for Round Ligament Pain
5 mins
Module 7: Hemorrhoids
6 mins
Module 7: Pelvic Girdle Pain
6 mins
Module 8: Post Partum Pelvic PT- When Do Moms Need It and Why
18 mins
Bonus Section
Bonus Material- Cozean Pelvic Dysfunction Screening Protocol.pdf
281 KB
Bonus Material perineal scar massage.pdf
214 KB
Bonus Material- Postpartum body mechanics.pdf
325 KB
Bonus Material- Pain Relief Strategies for Labor and Delivery_ JMM Health Solutions.pdf
157 KB
Bonus Material- Modified positions for women with orthopedic or pelvic pain conditions.pdf
195 KB
Bonus Material- Suggested Positions for Labor and Delivery_ JMM Health Solutions.pdf
227 KB
Bonus Material- Protecting Your Pelvic Floor During Labor and Delivery_JMM Health solutions.pdf
161 KB
Bonus Material- Edinburgh postpartum depression scale.pdf
137 KB
Bonus Material- Pelvic Girdle Questionnaire.pdf
229 KB
Bonus Material- Thrombosis Screening Tools.pdf
211 KB

Helping moms heal and be their BEST self!

Hi... I'm Dr. Juan Michelle Martin and I am a pelvic floor physical therapist!

My mission is to support women and help them heal during pregnancy and childbirth from pain, sexual dysfunction, prolapse, incontinence and so much more, allowing them to really and truly live without having to be concerned about leaks, embarrassments and discomforts. 

Many women today suffer silently with pelvic floor issues. Mostly because they believe that this is NORMAL... but I am here to tell you that COMMON is NOT normal!!!!! AND you DO NOT have to suffer. 

There are solutions out there for women to free them from the aches, pains, fears, that they have surrounding pelvic floor issues. No more laughing and leaking... no more running from sex or strained relationships because of the bedroom.

Now you can go to that party... dance the night away... enjoy fun times with your kids, spouses and loved ones... 

I'm here to help women heal!


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for birthing professionals. Whether you are a midwife, doula or even an OB. This course will teach you about the pelvic floor and show you how you can impact your patients even more to support their healing after birth. 

What information is covered?

Glad you asked! We discuss: the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor, the child birth/ laboring process, orthopedic, musculoskeletal and some medical conditions that can impact pregnancy and even beyond, maternity belts/ braces, some of the conditions that can impact the pelvic floor and therefore the mom and the need for benefits of pelvic PT.  There are also lots of bonus material and related information.  

Do I have to take the course within a certain timeframe?

Not at all. This course is self paced and you can take it in any order as well. 

Will I have access to updates?

Access to this course is LIFETIME and you will have access to all updates. This includes new evidence based research related to the topics listed. Please note that all sales for this product are final. 

What if I am not an OB, a midwife or a doula. Can I still take the course?

Absolutely! While there is medical information and terminology present within the course, it was created so that the information could easily be relayed to anyone, especially patients.