Helping moms heal and be their BEST self!

Hi... I'm Dr. Juan Michelle Martin and I am a pelvic floor physical therapist!

My mission is to support women and help them heal during pregnancy and childbirth from pain, sexual dysfunction, prolapse, incontinence and so much more, allowing them to really and truly live without having to be concerned about leaks, embarrassments and discomforts. 

Many women today suffer silently with pelvic floor issues. Mostly because they believe that this is NORMAL... but I am here to tell you that COMMON is NOT normal!!!!! AND you DO NOT have to suffer. 

There are solutions out there for women to free them from the aches, pains, fears, that they have surrounding pelvic floor issues. No more laughing and leaking... no more running from sex or strained relationships because of the bedroom.

Now you can go to that party... dance the night away... enjoy fun times with your kids, spouses and loved ones... 

I'm here to help women heal!

The Pelvic Perspective: Pregnancy and Post-partum For The Birthing Professional

The Pelvic Perspective: Pregnancy and Post-partum For The Birthing Professional is a program designed to help birth professionals to be even better providers and advocates for pregnant and post-partum moms. Join me on this journey! Let's help our moms be the best SUPER-MOMS they can be!
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Zero To Telehealth: How to Launch Your Telehealth Practice in 4 Weeks or Less

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Managing Your Cesarean Scar

Some women will have to deliver by cesarean for one reason or another. The issue is that they are not given any information with regards to managing their scar. A cesarean is still an abdominal surgery and an extensive one at that, cutting through several layers of tissue. As a result the potential for scarring, poor healing and other issues can occur. Download the E-book to learn more about how you can better manage your cesarean scar. 
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Overactive Bladder: How to NOT let your bladder control you!

Many women struggle with bladder issues. They have no control over their urges. They have to go when they HAVE TO GO!!!! This condition is called overactive and there is a solution so that you do not have to suffer!
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